The ‘who I am’ bit

A lot of things to a lot of people but most importantly the dad of three boys, 7 and twin 3 year olds, worse half of an amazing wife.

The blogs come from the inspiration of Isaac, the second eldest of the three boys (he was 20 seconds ahead of the youngest!). Isaac’s inspired a lot of action from this baldy, mostly knackered guy. He’s the reason for founding Izzysbusy – – and the only reason you’re reading this. Without Isaac there would be no 38 line blog.

The stuff I say is my angle, that’s all. If you like it, or find it helpful, then great that’s a bonus.

Aside from that I’ve been a social worker for 14 years, managed multi agency teams for 10 years, been a training developer and facilitator for Youth Justice Board, Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards. I’d love to keep Isaac’s inspiration going forward and allowing me to contribute helpfully to workforce development – since Isaac came along I’ve realised that leaving a useful legacy is one of the only practical things I can do to help him and other children like him.

One thought on “The ‘who I am’ bit

  1. Your blog is honest open thought provoking and just what I need to read . A refreshing approach that stays true to what the NHS should focus on . Your children are lucky to have you as parents and I’m not sure what made you consider a blog but boy I’m glad you did . I totally agree with your approach to compassion – it’s been part of me since I can remember. I cared for my mum at home until she died-she was 53 I was 18 – this led me into nursing and then midwifery . Every single health care worker should be introduced to your blog . Your words will and do make a difference – I salute you for your courage braveness and determination – thank you

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