Expo – 2 sleeps to go.



2 Sleeps to go.  2 sleeps until some people that are curious (probably a handful) get to see a face and hear a voice behind this veneer of words.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned….!

I’ve put my thoughts onto prompt cards – which, incidentally is as foreign to me as doing long division – and I’m good to go.  Or I will be with oxycontin and alcohol on Monday morning (joking…..any appearance of being under the influence of substances will be just the effect of coffee and the fact I’ll be a bit delirious to be off my ‘proper job’ for 2 days!)/

So, 15 minutes, 900 seconds, quarter of an hour to make an impact and try and perpetuate the passion and inspiration that Isaac creates to other people.  Tough gig.  I’ve had 3 years to get inspired.  Anyhow, lets go for it on Monday and Tuesday.

My hope is to come home hoarse.  I want to talk, not just my Camp Expo slots, but as much as I can to other people who can find Isaac’s experiences and ours as a family a conduit or catalyst for change.  It’ll be genuinely fantastic to have conversations longer than 140 characters with some people who I feel I’ve already ‘met’ through twitter.  

I’ve met plenty of people who would say in interviews that they are innovative and that we’d be honoured to have them share our oxygen but they see it as a way of saying something to get a job.  For me, those people don’t fit with the 6C’s either in what it’s about or in practice.  Some patients and families who think ‘if they knew how well they did that, or how far they fell short then then they’d be so empowered to keep doing it or they’d commit to a different way’ but don’t say it I think aren’t helping change.  Expo is the sort of place, in my mind, to meet innovators who see innovation as a verb and the 6C’s as actions and for me to add that angle that feeds back what matters to Isaac and us as a family. ‘Appreciative enquiry’ is how someone put it on twitter earlier and I guess it is if we’re breaking it down to strategy ; it’s a bit more simple from my angle though ; it’s hear it, think about it then either bin it or use it……!

See you in 2 sleeps.




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