‘We are gathered here today….”

So, just received confirmation of my Camp Expo slot at the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2014 next week at Manchester Central or whatever the G-MEX is now. Last time I was there at the GMEX was to see The Cranberries in 1995, accompanying Lynsey and proving early on in our relationship what my tolerance levels were. Such stoicism under duress is rarely seen outside of the SAS.

Anyways, I don’t do the whole ‘nerves’ thing. Why not? Not because i’m a seasoned performer or anything, more that in a career that has seen me grilled in crown court several times (even in a professional capacity too on occasion…. :0) ) i’ve decided that there’s little more anxiety that I can experience that is worse than ‘Mr Bolton, would you please approach the bench, i’d like to talk to you’ being said by a Judge. Of course ive got trepidation, and a touch of ‘what are they expecting’ but more than anything i’m looking forward to speaking from the heart about how Isaac and us as a family have experienced some great nursing and healthcare to people that can take it forward to be useful. When asked to take part I was genuinely honoured ; I know, joking aside, I owe a debt to the people who feel much the same as I do about the 6C’s and asked me to put into words some of my thoughts. It’s also a magnificent opportunity for me to learn more about this big ‘health’ innovation world that i’ve kind of stumbled into but passionately believe in because of one little man’s inspiration.

It could be 5 people, it could be 25, i’ve no idea. Because of the format, if you’re there I promise even if it’s rubbish you’ve only got 15 minutes of it. You’ve had dental appointments longer than that and survived so bear with it. On the flipside if you think it’s a good taster of what’s in my muddled head inspired by Isaac i’d love to talk to you more.

I look forward to putting some faces to twitter handles and things next Mon and Tuesday, please say hi if you see / hear a big bald bloke trying his best not to sound like Fred Dibnah.

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